Experience the Morosini Grimani Castle through one original, adrenaline escape adventure

 Since the days of Venice, magical things have happened in Morosini-Grimani castle in Svetvinčenat. Here people have been born and have died, they have loved and hated, they have waged war and traded goods … Three hundred years ago, an unknown knight won the competition. Instead of claiming his prize and revealing his identity, he galloped off straight into the sunset, leaving behind a legend and several secret trials. The tumultuous war years nearly destroyed the castle. It was twice set on fire, but the fortress still dominates Svetvinčenat, defying the devastation of time. The castle walls protect a great mystery that no one has solved until now:

“What message lies hidden in the middle of the wall?”


An unforgettable adventure awaits you!


 According to the model of the already existing “escape the room” computer games, were made the real “escape room” games. Escape Castle Svetvinčenat was developed in the cooperation of the Municipality of Svetvinčenat and experts in this field – Escape Room Enigmarium Ljubljana.

Unlike the classical “escape room” games, Escape Castle Svetvinčenat includes the whole castle Morosini-Grimani – the info point, all 3 towers, the dungeon, armory and the throne. There are 7 knightly trials that players have to pass to reveal the secret of the castle. During or after the game, visitors can try out the medieval torture devices, visit the gallery, buy a souvenir or take a photo with impressive medieval weapons. Although there is no time limit, teams strive to do their best, it’s the condition to be a part of the Grimani's wall of fame!

The trials are logical, but require cooperation of players, so the optimal team number is 2-5 members, although it doesn’t have to be the final number. Multiple teams can play simultaneously, so if you split into more groups you can find out who is better!

The tasks are logical, but require cooperation, so the optimal number of team members is 2-5 members, although this doesn’t have to be the ultimate number. Since you can play 7 teams simultaneously, divide and find out who is better!


Apart from fun for you and your friends, the game is a great gift for birthdays or parties, team building activities and ... if you want to propose the love of your life, we can even hide the engagement ring!




Escape Castle Svetvinčenat – price adults 50,00 kn

Children – 25,00 kn


Gamemaster will introduce you to the game rules and ask you to sign a statement on secrecy; It certainly wouldn’t be cool if someone else told you the solutions in advance and spoilt the fun; and then the game begin.


Escape Castle, Svetvinčenat

Svetvinčenat 47, Svetvinčenat

T: +385 (0)52 384 318

E: info@grimanicastle.com


You can find us in the Castle Morosini – Grimani, located on the main square in Svetvinčenat.


Reservations are required

Winter: On request

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ESCAPE CASTLE® is a unique „escape“ game, which has been developed by ESCAPE ROOM ENIGMARIUM® in cooperation with the Municipality of Svetvinčenat, and in that innovative way was implemented the gamification of the Morosini Grimani castle. All of the elements of the game and the trademark ESCAPE CASTLE® SVETVINČENAT are copyright protected by the authors of Escape Room ENIGMARIUM® Ljubljana, © ENIGMARIUM d.o.o., Ljubljana, www.enigmarium.si, 2016 and the Municipality of Svetvinčenat.